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∞RVM 1.29.1 released

∞RVM 1.29.0 released

RVM 1.29.0 released with multiple security fixes! New rubies and binaries, few new features and a lot of bug fixes.

Justin Steven uncovered few security issues, they all are fixed now. The fixes involves important change: environment variables will not be evaluated anymore, if there is a use case for that please open a ticket and let us know what it is.

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∞RVM 1.28.0 released

RVM 1.28.0 released with new rubies and binaries, few new features and a lot of bug fixes.

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∞rvm1-ansible needs a new maintainer

∞RVM 1.27.0 released

RVM 1.27.0 released with new rubies and binaries, fixes and a new code of conduct.

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∞RVM 1.26.11 released

RVM 1.26.11 released with new rubies, new binaries available by CDN and fixes.

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∞Maintainers needed for RVM 1

Maintainers needed for RVM 1

I have started changes in my life, you can read more here: Changes in my open source life (and RVM 2). This leads to multiple open source projects that will need help, I'm still doing minimal work on them, but it will not be enough to keep them running for longer time. So I need help in maintaining this projects.

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∞RVM 1.26.10 released

∞RVM 1.26.8 and 1.26.9 released

RVM 1.26.8 and 1.26.9 released, fixes for ruby 2.2, improved loading project files and more fixes.

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∞RVM 1.26.7 released

RVM 1.26.7 released, fix bug in ruby, allow selecting ruby-2.2, add 2.2 prompt.

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∞RVM 1.26.6 released

∞RVM 1.26.5 released

RVM 1.26.5 released, support for rhn-channel, improved security, more safeguards, bugfixes.

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∞RVM 1.26.4 released

∞rvm1-ansible 1.3.4 released

∞RVM 1.26.3 released

∞rvm1-ansible 1.3.3 released

∞RVM 1.26.2 released

∞RVM 1.26.1 released

∞rvm1-ansible 1.3.2 released

∞RVM 1.25.34 released

∞rvm1-ansible 1.3.1 released

∞rvm1-ansible 1.3.0 released

∞RVM 1.25.33 released

∞rvm1-ansible 1.2.0 released

∞RVM 1.25.32 released

∞Welcome to RVM Blog


I have been planning to build the blog for quite some time and here it is, I will be writing here about progress on RVM 2.0, releases for all RVM related software and hosting guest blog posts about anything rvm related.

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