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RVM 1.29.0 released

RVM 1.29.0 released with multiple security fixes! New rubies and binaries, few new features and a lot of bug fixes.

Justin Steven uncovered few security issues, they all are fixed now. The fixes involves important change: environment variables will not be evaluated anymore, if there is a use case for that please open a ticket and let us know what it is.


12 February 2017 - Full Changelog

Security fixes:

  • add trusting working directory hooks
  • add trusting project files with environment variables
  • prevent executing code when loading variables from project files
  • remove posibility to install gems from .versions.conf
  • do not 'bundle install' if no rvm_autoinstall_bundler_flag=1
  • install bundler only from remote server
  • handle spaces in working directory hook names
  • avoid double escaping of envirtonment variables
  • avoid extra quotation if it was used in the project file

New features:

  • Added railsexpress patches for Ruby 2.3.3 #3852
  • Add support for KDE neon #3828
  • Allow to remove undesired libraries breaking the ruby build #3851
  • Mention in PATH warnings about ability to silence them #3336
  • Expose autolibs setting in rvm info output #3892
  • Detect noexec mount mode for partition hosting RVM home #3832

Bug fixes:

  • Changed eval to source for fish 2.5.0 compatibility fish-shell#3809
  • $PATH become empty after __rvm_unload executed #3847
  • RVM incorrectly tries to install llvm 3.5 when trying to install Rubinius 3 #3848
  • Missing libyaml-devel on PCLinuxOS 64-bit #3703
  • Failing openssl.patch for Ruby 1.9.3 #3831
  • RVM hardcodes number of compile threads #3856
  • Cannot build rbx-2.5.2 on ArchLinux #3497
  • Remove incompatible version of openssl098 #3844
  • Failed to fetch the gpg key from #3544
  • Filtering Travis binaries for OSX for non Travis env (they are statically linked and not movable) #3690
  • Remove kernel-libc-devel dependency on Solus #3881
  • Speed up loading rubies - gem version compatibility check
  • Missing cygwin32-readline package on Windows #3812
  • Installation of rbx-3.69 on macOS fails because llvm35 formula can't be found #3884
  • Ruby 2.3.x and older are not compatible with OpenSSL 1.1.x on Debian #3862
  • OpenSSL vs libressl conflict installing ruby-2.4.0 on openSUSE Tumbleweed #3906
  • Missing libgmp3-dev for Ruby 2.2 on Debian 6 #3675
  • JRuby on Arch is missing Java requirements #3539
  • rvm install 2.4 installs 2.4.0-rc1 instead of 2.4.0 #3866
  • Use libreadline-dev instead of libreadline6-dev on Debian (≥stretch) #3824
  • Warning: openssl is a keg-only and another version is linked to opt #3724
  • Fix trusting paths with duplicated //
  • Fix rvm do in relative paths

Upgraded Ruby interpreters:

  • Add support for Ruby 2.4.0 #3849
  • Add support for JRuby #3878
  • Add support for Rubinius 3.70 #3889 and 3.71
  • Upgrade RubyGems to 2.6.10


  • Ubuntu x64 binary for Ruby 2.4.0 #3867