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Many Thanks

Thank you for being a guinea pig testing during the potentially "dangerous" first few releases,

Daniel Neighman (
irc: hassox      ; github:
projects: pancake, merb
John Mettraux (
irc: jmettraux   ; github:
projects: ruote, rufus-tokyo
Franco Lazzarino (
irc: flazz       ; github:

Thank you for a great write up and lots of testing during the early releases,

Peter Cooper (
irc: petercooper ; github:
projects: rubyinside

Thank you for helping with documentation efforts, and testing on Ubuntu,

Anita Kuno (
irc: anteaya     ; github:

Thank you for an Awesome Website Design,

Jim Lindley (
irc: jlindley    ; github:

Thank you for many great patches and testing zsh and Gentoo,

Pistos (
irc: Pistos      ; github:

Thank you for an insane amount of testing and great suggestions,

Simon Arnaud (
irc: Maz           ; github:

Thank you for hanging out in the channel and helping people, thank you for lots of testing and helping look into new features,

Robert Rouse (
irc: Scyllinice  ; github:

Thank you for much testing and debugging, and especially for helping get the gemsets working smooth,

Thomas Kern (
irc: bosie       ; github:
projects: AI4R

Thank you for donating so many machines to aid us in Testing and Bug Hunts!

Bruce-Grey Linux Users Group / STARS Project
Home page:
projects: STARS (Supplying Technology to At-Risk Students)