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Importing a gemset

To import a gemset file called 'teddy.gems' to the teddy gemset of 2.1.1 do

$ rvm --create 2.1.1@teddy # The --create creates the gemset if it does not exist
$ rvm gemset import teddy

Note that you can use any gemset name to import into.

You can specify the gemset filename prefix also

$ rvm gemset use teddy
$ rvm gemset import teddy

Alternatively, if you already have a ruby and/or gemset selected:

$ rvm 2.1.1@teddy
$ rvm gemset import

Importing without arguments will check for gemset files in the following order:

gemset files have the following format, particularly for denoting versions:

rails -v4.1.0
tzinfo -v0.3.27

You might also be interested in Copying gemsets from one rvm ruby[@gemset] to another.