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Using RVM rubies with Phusion Passenger

Phusion Passenger is an application server for Ruby and Python that can integrate into Apache and Nginx, or run standalone. It's currently one of the most popular application servers for Ruby. RVM will allow you to use any of it's MRI/YARV Rubies with Phusion Passenger very easily.

RVM works best with latest version of Phusion Passenger. Latest Phusion Passenger has full integration support for RVM and should work out of the box with no configuration. The only thing you need to tell Phusion Passenger is which Ruby you want to use for which app.

RVM also works with Phusion Passenger 3.x, although later versions have much better RVM support. Instructions for 3.x can be found here.

Using RVM with Phusion Passenger

Follow excelent documentation on Passenger site.


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