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Rubinius is a ruby interpreter written in C++ using many advanced techniques and technologies such as LLVM, a "precise, compacting, generational garbage collector", a compatible C extension API to standard MRI Ruby, and many other awesome ideas that will give any language-nut a huge nerdon.



$ rvm install rbx

Rubinius supports a 1.8 language mode (the default) and a 1.9 mode. You can install with the 1.9 language mode as the default using the --1.9 option:

$ rvm install rbx --1.9

You might do this if you intend to use 1.9 mode primarily. It is also possible to create two separate named installs, one for each mode:

$ rvm install rbx --1.8 -n d18
$ rvm install rbx --1.9 -n d19

Rubinius-specific configuration options can be passed following --:

$ rvm install rbx -- --with-vendor-zlib

If you're installing rubinius on Ubuntu, and you find that makeinfo is missing, you can solve that by installing the texinfo package by:

 $ sudo apt-get install texinfo