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Docs (RDoc / YARDoc) Generation

In order to conserve space, RVM does not automatically generate and install each Ruby's ri / rdoc documentation. To generate this documentation for Ruby please execute the following command:

$ rvm docs generate

Please note that this requires the extracted source for the currently selected Ruby version be on the system ($rvm_path/src/) so the best time to execute this command is immediately after installation of that version.

Provided you have not cleaned up the extracted sources for all currently installed Rubies by executing 'rvm cleanup all' then you can install the docs for all currently installed Rubies by executing:

$ rvm all do rvm docs generate

If you have executed a cleanup, unfortunately, this means to regenerate the documentation you would need to run, for example,:

$ rvm reinstall 1.9.3-p194 && rvm docs generate

As always, don't forget to pass whatever additional parameters such as --patch to the reinstall portion of the command that you initially used, if any.

And finally open the core ruby documentation in your local web browser. Note that for this to work either `open` or `xdg-open` must be found in your system.

$ rvm docs open

For more information, please see

$ rvm help docs