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Bash Completion

To use RVM bash completion, you can source the file:

[[ -r $rvm_path/scripts/completion ]] && . $rvm_path/scripts/completion

To enable completion for all new shells put the above sourcing line just below the sourcing line for RVM in your profile (.bashrc/.bash_profile/.zshenv/whatever).


rvm use

$ rvm use [tab][tab]
1.9.3            2.0.0            default          ruby-2.0.0-p481  system
1.9.3-p484       2.0.0-p481       ruby-1.9.3-p484  ruby-2.1.1

rvm gemset use

$ rvm gemset use [tab][tab]
global        testing

To do

ZSH Completion

To use ZSH completion for RVM, you can follow these steps:

mkdir -p $HOME/.zsh/Completion
cp $rvm/scripts/zsh/Completion/_rvm $HOME/.zsh/Completion
echo 'fpath=(~/.zsh/Completion $fpath)' >> $HOME/.zshrc


commands and rubies

$ rvm [tab]
alias            -- Lets you set shortcut strings for convenience with 'rvm use'.
autolibs         -- Controls settings for automatically installing dependencies.
cleanup          -- Lets you remove stale source folders / archives and other
config-get       -- display values for RbConfig::CONFIG variables.
cron             -- Manages setup for using ruby in cron tasks.
current          -- print the *current* ruby version and the name of any gemset
debug            -- show info plus additional information for common issues
disk-usage       -- Tells you how much disk space rvm install is using.
do               -- runs an arbitrary command against specified and/or all rubies
docs             -- Tools to make installing ri and rdoc documentation easier.
export           -- Temporarily set an environment variable in the current shell.
fetch            -- Performs an archive / src fetch only of the selected ruby.
fix-permissions  -- Repairs broken permissions (e.g. by sudo or chef)
gemdir           -- display the path to the current gem directory (GEM_HOME).
gemset           -- gemsets:
get              -- {head,stable} upgrades rvm to latest head or stable version.
group            -- Tools for managing groups in multiuser installations.
implode          -- (seppuku) removes the rvm installation completely.
info             -- show the *current* environment information for current ruby
install          -- install one or many ruby versions
list             -- show currently installed rubies, interactive output.
migrate          -- Lets you migrate all gemsets from one ruby to another.
mount            -- Install rubies from external locations.
notes            -- Display notes, with operating system specifics.
osx-ssl-certs    -- Helps update certificates for OpenSSL installed by rvm on OSX.
patchset         -- Tools related to managing ruby patchsets.
pkg              -- Install a dependency package {readline,iconv,zlib,openssl}
reinstall        -- reinstall ruby and runs gem pristine on all gems,
reload           -- reload rvm source itself (useful after changing rvm source)
remove           -- uninstall one or many ruby versions and remove their sources
repair           -- Lets you repair parts of your environment e.g. wrappers, env
requirements     -- Installs additional OS specific dependencies/requirements for
reset            -- remove current and stored default & system settings.
rubygems         -- Switches the installed version of rubygems for the current ruby.
rvmrc            -- Tools related to managing rvmrc trust and loading.
snapshot         -- Lets you backup / restore an rvm installation in a lightweight
tools            -- Provides general information about the ruby environment,
unexport         -- Undo changes made to the environment by 'rvm export'.
uninstall        -- uninstall one or many ruby versions, leaves their sources
upgrade          -- Lets you upgrade from one version of a ruby to another, including
use              -- setup current shell to use a specific ruby version
user             -- Tools for managing RVM mixed mode in multiuser installations.
version          -- show the rvm version installed in rvm_path
wrapper          -- generates a set of wrapper executables for a given ruby with the
ruby-1.9.3-p484  ruby-2.0.0-p481  ruby-2.1.1

rvm gemset use

$ rvm gemset use [tab]
global        testing

rvm install

$ rvm install [tab]
goruby             macruby-0.10       opal               ruby-1.8.7-p374    ruby-2.1.2
ironruby-1.1.3     macruby-0.11       rbx-2.0.0          ruby-1.9.1-p431    ruby-head
ironruby-head      macruby-0.12       rbx-2.1.1          ruby-1.9.2-p320    tcs
jamesgolick        macruby-head       rbx-2.2.6          ruby-1.9.3-p547    topaz
jruby-1.6.8        macruby-nightly    rbx-head           ruby-2.0.0-p451
jruby-1.7.12       maglev-1.0.0       ree-1.8.6          ruby-2.0.0-p481
jruby-head         maglev-head        ree-1.8.7-2012.02  ruby-2.1-head
kiji               mruby-head         ruby-1.8.6-p420    ruby-2.1.1

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